The excellence in reasearch at the e-MTA Campus has a natural extension into transfer actions. To name a few examples, the Campus e-MTA has created 33 spin-off companies and obtained 59 patents (25 of them licensed); 30.5% of the Spanish pharmaceuticals in preclinical stage are from the Campus e-MTA and associates and 18.2% of the biotechnology companies in the preclinical field are located in the Balearic Islands; there are 11 groups at the campus recognised as members of the TECNIO network, a quality label awarded by the Catalan agency for innovation promotion (ACC1Ó).Impacts

The international dimension in teaching, research and knowledge transfer is a cornerstone of the Campus e-MTA. There is a significant promotion of this dimension at cross-border level (with the PRES-PM), at european level (with Germany – Max Planck; France and Russia) and at international level (in particular with Latin America along with China, India and the USA). In addition, the internationalisation process of the Campus e-MTA benefits from the multiplier effect caused by the inclusion of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the first scientific institution in Spain, which has collaboration relationships with research organisations in more than fifty countries.


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